Does it take 12 days after ovidril shot to ovulate

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How soon can I test? What's the best test to use? Can I reuse a test? Pretty please? Can I still be pregnant if the test is negative (have a "false negative")?
Expert fertility information on I gave myself ovidrel on June 25th. How soon can I get an accurate blood test for pregnancy?
cervical mucus What is the cervical mucus suposed to look like between ovulation and the time you are due for your period?.
I think it would take a lot longer if you only had the shot on Wednesday. It's only Sunday now. I recall mine took about 10 days to be completely out of my system and .
Health Issues > Infertility . Hey everyone, anyone have an experience with the Ovidrel shot? I took mine on May . I think you usually ovulate 16-40 hours after .
I am TTC for almost 2 years now. 2 early miscarriges during that time. This month Does it take 12 days after ovidril shot to ovulate I started using ovulation tests the beginning the day after my period stopped.
I recently had IUI done. We did days 3-7 of clomid, then took an hCG shot (low dose) to force ovulation (no Does it take 12 days after ovidril shot to ovulate guesswork on the timing) and then went in for the IUI on .
Hi - I am new to the message board - I have been TTC for 2 years now and have failed . Above a 10 is positive for ovulation, but since it was a medicated cycle I .
Expert fertility information on After two miscarriages in last 6 months, my progesterone is lower and I also tested positive for two gene mutations which predispose .
Best Answer: My follicle growth was
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